Kenridge – Primary School – Andre Roux


This is to certify that Tailormade Construction was appointed as prime contractor for a number of construction projects on behalf of both Kenridge Primary School and the Kenridge Primary School Trust during the last few years.


Project values ranged between R 500.00 to R 6million. These projects included the following:


  • A new wing of eight classrooms in the primary school
  • New classrooms and facilities for Grade R
  • The establishment of new LSEN & Music facility under the school hall
  • The refurbishment of school hall and entrance/foyer upgrade


Tailormade has always submitted a favourable tender during each tender process. They have also assisted and guided the school through the contract and project administration activities, as well as approvals from Health & Safety departments, the WCED and the Municipality.


Their quality of work has always been most satisfactory and they have always honoured their responsibility in respect of rectifying problem areas which might have arisen.


A noteworthy point is that Tailormade has demonstrated a sound understanding of the difference between a normal construction project, and a project at an operating primary school. Projects have always been structured in ways that take the school’s requirements around learner safety and logistics into account, allowing the minimum disruption and distractions to the learning experiences during construction period.


In short, Kenridge Primary has been happy with the quality of workmanship received, the level of professionalism throughout and the understanding of working within the unique constraints imposed by a school environment. We would happily recommend Tailormade to any other school in need of a reliable and trustworthy construction contractor.

Cape Airconditioning – Landon La grange



Renault Tokai – Reinhard Egerer



Station Motors – Ralph Andreas



Two projects fantastically handled from inception to completion.


Given the time constraints and complexity of some of the issues involved (particularly during the first project), I want to thank you for the professional workmanship, excellent project management, commitment and achievement of deadlines, and lastly but not leastly, your guidance, invaluable support and confidence when things did not go according to plan, none of which were your fault at all.


I always believe you can only fully establish the credentials of a company when they are tested after they have been paid and their service delivered – in this regard you have outdone yourselves with your prompt, efficient and friendly attention to the minor issues that have crept up since handover.


Being a fist time developer, you have given me great confidence that should I ever embark on anything similar, I will definitely not hesitate to make use of your services again. Once again, thank you very much. You do your industry proud!

Transworld Roadfreight - Rob De Lange


I must say it is not everyone that finishes a building and can still have the builder as a good friend. I was referred to you by Kurt from Assetpoint Real Estate and to date I have absolutely no complaints.


The way you guys took over everything from the registration, plans, electrical, drainage clause that had to be amended was done without me ever having to spend time on it. Actually sometimes I used to think something is wrong as this should be a fight not a smooth operation!!!


I will admit at the end I did not think you guys would finish on time and this not due to your work but rain..


The small problems that have since arisen have all been sorted out without a hassle and to be honest I think that sometimes it was my guys messing up the toilet and electrical!!!


I am glad that I met your team and have and will continue to promote you guys in the building industry whenever I am given the opportunity.


Keep up the great work.


Best Regards

Legetøj og BørnetøjTurtle