Tailormade Properties was established in March 2001, with an initial focus providing Construction manager building solutions to the residential market in response to the changing market, where a main contractor and full professional team are not necessarily required, as long as you have access to the specialised subcontractors, and have a thorough knowledge of the construction dynamics which allows value engineering at an early stage. To date, many a satisfied home-owner occupies a tailor-made project where the clients need, in every aspect, from effective design to reduced construction costs has being successfully met.


In response to market demand as well as on request from existing clients, we became involved with the commercial market, implementing projects as Construction managers and contracting as traditional contractors.


The rebranding of the Tailormade name happened in 2016 to Tailormade Construction, due to ambiguity in the name.


Tailormade Construction, believes that delivering exceptional service and quality projects that add value, in accordance with our client’s unique needs, is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation. Everyone within Tailormade Construction takes their responsibility for first class customer satisfaction, service, safety and environmental care very seriously.


In the current economic climate, it is an exciting time to be working in our industry, and we at Tailormade Construction strive to meet all our customers need to our full potential.

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